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Matthew Stafford

#1 QB,


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108 FPTS

RANK: 32


296 FPTS

RANK: 22


35 yrs


6'3'' / 220 lbs



3yr Ave1426314th4733103823291166%27740

Deemed healthy by coach

RotoWire Logo Published: 2023-03-28

Coach Sean McVay said Tuesday at the Annual League Meeting that Stafford (neck) is healthy and "there will be no limitations" when he resumes football activities, Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network reports.

Stafford is recovering from a spinal cord contusion that caused him to miss the last seven games of the 2022 season, but it appears that he's on track to participate in offseason workouts without any significant limitations. The 35-year-old play-caller's health will be one of the more pivotal factors in determining the Rams' success during the upcoming campaign, though the same can be said for star wide receiver Cooper Kupp (ankle), who is working his way back from tightrope surgery. Stafford didn't throw in offseason workouts last spring due to elbow tendinitis, so it will be notable if he's indeed able to participate in April's OTAs without any restrictions.

Fantasy Points by Week 2022


Weekly Stats 2022

Fantasy PointsBettingPassing StatsRushing StatsAdvanced Passing StatsTargets
1 BUF Outdoor 88° 7.8 31st 2.052.541292401370.763.1120476%40%14%61%12%27%
2 ATL Outdoor 73° 18.9 11th -10.046.536272723275.0100.7000675%25%24%64%8%25%
3 @ARZ Dome 103° 10.2 26th -3.548.525182490072.0103.6320476%25%38%76%4%20%
4 @SF Outdoor 73° 6.8 29th 2.542.548322540166.771.0260471%0%19%58%10%31%
5 DAL Outdoor 72° 10.3 24th -5.041.542283081166.786.2000569%20%13%60%12%24%
6 CAR Outdoor 70° 11.8 20th -9.541.533262531178.896.12-30479%0%31%73%15%6%
8 SF Outdoor 76° 17.4 15th -1.541.533221871066.791.42-11470%100%35%61%18%18%
9 @TB Outdoor 88° 10.5 22nd 3.042.527131651048.180.02-10559%40%15%82%7%7%
11 @NO Dome 48° 14.8 17th 2.539.518111592061.1126.91401167%33%20%67%6%28%

Performance Splits: 2020 to 2022

Fantasy PointsPassing AveragesRushing Averages
Home Outdoor 13 1318.214th2782.2169.599.672%40%620.1
Home Dome 8 817.23rd2461.90.663.297.869%38%790.0
Away Outdoor 12 1215.221st2661.60.963.890.671%36%740.0
Away Dome 3 310.041st1891.31.763.273.368%17%640.0
Away Retractable Dome 6 618.720th2881.80.269.6116.976%58%710.0

Career Stats by Season: 2009 to 2022

Fantasy PointsPassing StatsRushing StatsAdvanced Passing StatsTargets
2009 21 DET 10 10 125 26th3772012,267132053.3612010825.461%20%-50%22%26%
2010 22 DET 3 3 51 40th96575356159.491.341114.164%0%-49%27%24%
2011 23 DET 16 16 343 5th6634215,038411663.597.2227806.770%44%-54%17%28%
2012 24 DET 16 16 277 9th7274354,967201759.879.83512646.767%32%-51%19%29%
2013 25 DET 16 16 279 7th6343714,650291958.584.2376926.468%32%-56%25%17%
2014 26 DET 16 16 252 15th6023634,257221260.385.7439325.766%28%-57%28%13%
2015 27 DET 16 16 291 9th5923984,262321367.2974415914.772%38%-55%28%16%
2016 28 DET 16 16 280 7th5943884,327241065.393.33720725.471%38%-63%19%16%
2017 29 DET 16 16 274 7th5653714,446291065.799.3299806.370%48%-58%20%21%
2018 30 DET 16 16 212 20th5553673,777211166.189.9257104.871%36%-61%25%11%
2019 31 DET 8 8 167 29th2911872,49919564.3106206608.667%40%23%59%18%21%
2020 32 DET 16 16 261 16th5283394,084261064.296.32911206.971%40%19%53%22%22%
2021 33 LA 17 17 330 6th6014044,886411767.2102.9324306.872%43%20%71%13%16%
2022 34 LA 9 9 108 32nd3032062,08710868.087.413914.772%31%22%65%11%22%
*"Air" yards thrown per completion. Pass was "Catch"able. Percent of passes thrown "20yds+" that were completed. "Play" action pass percent of total pass plays.

Expected to be retained by LA

RotoWire Logo Published: 2023-01-14

Stafford (neck) is expected to have his 2023 option and 2024 salary picked up to start the new league year, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

It would be a bit surprising to see the Rams move on from their Super Bowl-winning QB after just two seasons, but it appears as if a teardown could have happened if head coach Sean McVay opted to retire. With the playcaller back in tow, it looks as if the franchise is set to run it back with the 34-year-old Stafford, who missed eight games due to various injuries this past season. Between a balky thumb injury with the Lions, elbow tendinitis more recently this past offseason and the eventual injury that landed Stafford on injured reserve -- a spinal cord contusion back in Week 11 -- the veteran has accumulated a number of body-deteriorating injuries over the past couple of years. As a result, it's hard to imagine the 2009 No. 1 overall pick playing a handful of additional seasons, but with the Rams well suited for a playoff berth currently when not dealing with a litany of injuries, expect the team and QB to extend the competitive window as long as possible.

Plans to be back for OTAs

RotoWire Logo Published: 2023-01-10

Stafford (neck) said Monday that he expects to avoid surgery to address his spinal cord contusion and plans to be a full participant for OTAs in April, Cameron DaSilva of USA Today reports. "I had obviously the thumb a couple years ago, and then elbow stuff that I wasn't able to really participate in a whole lot of stuff when it comes to throwing the football for a long time," Stafford said. "So to be able to do that at a way more regular pace, which is exciting for me as a player, that's what I want to do. I want to be out there, I want to be able to throw and be a part of the team."

After guiding the Rams to a Super Bowl title in his first season with the team in 2021, Stafford didn't throw in offseason workouts last spring while he battled elbow tendinitis. Even though he concluded the 2022 campaign on injured reserve, Stafford looks like he'll enter the Rams' offseason program more healthy than he was at the same point a year ago. Having received assurances from doctors that he won't require a potentially career-threatening surgery for his spinal cord, the 34-year-old Stafford has dismissed the possibility of retirement and also noted Monday that he remains committed to the Rams in spite of the uncertainty of whether head coach Sean McVay will stick with the organization in 2023.